When Does Your Auto Warranty Expire?

So, let’s say you just recently purchased a car. It was new, so it has the manufactures warranty. So you figure,  “Hey, I’ve got 3-years and 36,000 miles before I need to worry about an extended auto warranty.” 

But in the back of your mind you’re thinking, Did I make the right decision to wait? 

Not really. I mean, technically you haven’t done anything wrong, but you’re probably going to end up paying more when the time does come to extend your warranty. And the tricky thing you might not realize is that the warranty will expire with whichever comes first: the time or the mileage. So, if you drive the 36,000 miles in two years but think you still have a whole other year of coverage, that’s not the case. It’s expired.

So if you remember from my previous post, you can never buy your auto warranty soon enough. The worst thing that will happen is that you’re double covered and don’t have to lose sleep at night trying to figure out when you’re current warranty is going to expire.

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